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Military Law Resources

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive set of miltary legal resources; however, no online guide can replace the services of an experienced military lawyer. For specific questions regarding military law, we strongly urge you to contact military lawyer Stephen Karns or another experienced military lawyer.

   • Initial Stages of Investigation in the Military
   • Military Article 32 Investigations
   • Rights of the Accused in Military Proceedings
   • Commanderís Disciplinary Options
   • Non-Judicial Punishment
   • Your Right to Counsel
   • Military Pre-Trial Agreements
   • Discharges, Resignations, and Retirements In Lieu of Court-Martial

   • Types of Military Court-Martial
   • Referral of Charges and Convening a Military Court-Martial
   • Military Trial Procedures

   • Post-Trial Review Procedures
   • Appellate Court Review
   • Clemency, Parole, Pardons, and Correction of Military Records

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